“So what are you looking to do?”

GOAL After starting my career in Finance / Venture at global investment banks and media companies, I've moved into senior BusOps Strategy / Growth roles - supporting venture backed startups and international NGOs. Most recently, I founded my own political organization and ran for US Congress. In my next role, I hope to put these skills and experiences to work at a similar mission driven and dynamic organization. John Isemann / Resume

ROLE / INDUSTRY I’m currently targeting mission-driven teams, startups, and venture/consulting firms that are tackling the world's most significant and complex problems. From building the future of global defense, infrastructure, and space tech to launching/funding new and innovative brands and companies. My tool kit and past experiences have equipped me for Senior Business Operations/Strategy roles, Business Development (Sales/Customer Success) leadership, and to support founders/investors from zero to one and beyond. Creative/Comms Portfolio

“Ok great, what can you actually do?”

Customer obsessed and insight focused solutions.

I've led complex multi-year, organization-wide, international product deployments that not only drove customer success and critical organizational revenue, but also yielded deep product development insights.

Lead, build, take risks - have real world impact.

I ran for U.S. Congress with no prior political experience or capital.

John Isemann 2022 Press Reel

Problem solve, produce, execute tirelessly and consistently.

Wall Street, entertainment, tech, or NGO - no order is too tall / task too small.

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Story tell, communicate, create - across all mediums.

I’ve written/directed short and long form video, fundraised in the NGO space, venture & politics, managed marketing campaigns, and created complex web and organizational infrastructure.

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